PaperWorks Pack 3 supports Geography teaching at Key Stage 3, and some GCSE and A Level courses. It helps students to understand how the UK paper industry is a sustainable industry, and encourages them to consider how the principles of sustainability employed in the UK could be used in developing countries.

The pack looks particularly at energy and water use. The paper industry requires large amounts of energy and water in the production of paper. In order to minimise the amounts used, paper mills employ modern Combined Heat and Power plants to maximise energy efficiencies and recycle much of the water used in papermaking.

Learning Objectives

Students will discover paper as a real life contemporary case study. They will meet curriculum requirements by researching geographical issues in the news, such as sustainability and recycling and the implications for humans.

Students at GCSE level will learn about sustainable development through researching renewable energy in the online study area and fulfil Edexcel’s requirement to study the management of forests.  At A Level, students will use the online study area to explore the potential of sustainable energy and biodiversity and look at recycling on a local scale and how recycled material is used.

Curriculum Links




  • EdExcel – Challenges for the Planet
  • AQA – Human Geography



  • EdExcel – AS/A2 Contested Planet
  • AQA – AS/A2 Physical and Human Geography