PaperWorks Pack 4 supports the Investigating Business elements of most Business Studies courses for GCSE and A level. It introduces the modern paper industry and asks students to consider why paper is such an important part of society today, and whether the sustainable production techniques being used through recycling and energy conservation can give an edge over other materials and digtal media.

The key teaching resource is a short whiteboard presentation to set the scene. It consists of interviews with the Operations Director and Sustainability Director of Smurfit Kappa SSK, one of the UK’s and Europe’s leading corrugated packaging manufacturers.  We’ve focused on the Birmingham mill which takes recycled paper from the West Midlands area and turns it into the brown paper used by cardboard manufacturers. Not only does it use recycled paper to create its product, it recycles the water it uses, and operates energy efficient Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plants.

Learning Objectives

The presentation encourages students to realise that the paper industry is a leader in recycling, carbon reduction and energy efficiencies. They will learn how paper is sourced, manufactured and used by a typical modern paper mill turning recycled paper into material suitable for making cardboard. Through learning about the paper industry, students will consider the extent to which business and economic activity can be ethical and sustainable (AQA and EdExcel objectives).


AQA – Business Studies and Economics

Edexcel – Business

 A Level/GCE

AQA – Business Studies and Economics

EdExcel – Business